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Calls the appropriate thread model methods, regardless of the threading model being used.

#if defined( _ATL_SINGLE_THREADED )
   typedef CComSingleThreadModel CComGlobalsThreadModel;
#elif defined( _ATL_APARTMENT_THREADED )
   typedef CComMultiThreadModel CComGlobalsThreadModel;
#elif defined( _ATL_FREE_THREADED )
   typedef CComMultiThreadModel CComGlobalsThreadModel;
   #pragma message ("No global threading model defined")


Depending on the threading model used by your application, the typedef name CComGlobalsThreadModel references either CComSingleThreadModel or CComMultiThreadModel. These classes provide additional typedef names to reference a critical section class.

Note   CComGlobalsThreadModel does not reference class CComMultiThreadModelNoCS.

Using CComGlobalsThreadModel frees you from specifying a particular threading model class. Regardless of the threading model being used, the appropriate methods will be called.

In addition to CComGlobalsThreadModel, ATL provides the typedef name CComObjectThreadModel. The class referenced by each typedef depends on the threading model used, as shown in the following table:

typedef Single threading Apartment threading Free threading
CComObjectThreadModel S S M
CComGlobalsThreadModel S M M

S=CComSingleThreadModel; M=CComMultiThreadModel

Use CComObjectThreadModel within a single object class. Use CComGlobalsThreadModel in an object that is globally available to your program, or when you want to protect module resources across multiple threads.


Header: atlbase.h

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