This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Inference Rules

Inference rules supply commands to update targets and to infer dependents for targets. Extensions in an inference rule match a single target and dependent that have the same base name. Inference rules are user-defined or predefined; predefined rules can be redefined.

If an out-of-date dependency has no commands, and if .SUFFIXES contains the dependent's extension, NMAKE uses a rule whose extensions match the target and an existing file in the current or specified directory. If more than one rule matches existing files, the .SUFFIXES list determines which to use; list priority descends from left to right. If a dependent file does not exist and is not listed as a target in another description block, an inference rule can create the missing dependent from another file with the same base name. If a description block's target has no dependents or commands, an inference rule can update the target. Inference rules can build a command-line target even if no description block exists. NMAKE may invoke a rule for an inferred dependent even if an explicit dependent is specified.