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Restores the device context to the previous state identified by nSavedDC.

      virtual BOOL RestoreDC(
   int nSavedDC 


Specifies the device context to be restored. It can be a value returned by a previous SaveDC function call. If nSavedDC is –1, the most recently saved device context is restored.

Nonzero if the specified context was restored; otherwise 0.

RestoreDC restores the device context by popping state information off a stack created by earlier calls to the SaveDC member function.

The stack can contain the state information for several device contexts. If the context specified by nSavedDC is not at the top of the stack, RestoreDC deletes all state information between the device context specified by nSavedDC and the top of the stack. The deleted information is lost.


Header: afxwin.h

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