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Fatal Error C1004


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unexpected end of file found

The compiler reached the end of a source file without resolving a construct. The code may be missing one of the following elements:

  • A closing brace

  • A closing parenthesis

  • A closing comment marker (*/)

  • A semicolon

To resolve this error, check for the following:

  • The default disk drive has insufficient space for temporary files, which require about twice as much space as the source file.

  • An #if directive that evaluates to false lacks a closing #endif directive.

  • A source file does not end with a carriage return and line feed.

The following sample generates C1004:

// C1004.cpp  
#if TEST  
int main() {}  
// C1004  

Possible resolution:

// C1004b.cpp  
#if TEST  
int main() {}