How to: Share and Branch a File

Visual Studio 2005

Visual SourceSafe's Share command supports branching of a file immediately after sharing it. When you branch a file after sharing, the Links tab for file properties no longer shows a file relationship. However, you can use the Paths tab for file properties to see the path of the file branch you have created.

Caution noteCaution

Use the sharing and branching functionality of Visual SourceSafe with discretion. Try to avoid sharing or branching across top-level projects, since it complicates the process of archiving a project and restoring it into another database.

To share and branch using Share on the Versions menu:

  1. In Visual SourceSafe Explorer, select the project to share and branch a file.

  2. On the Versions menu, click Share.

  3. In the Share with <name> dialog box, use the File to share box to select the name of the file to share with the selected project.

  4. If necessary, click View to look at the latest version of the file.

  5. Select the Branch after share check box.

  6. Click Share to share the selected file and branch it afterwards.

To share and branch using drag and drop:

  1. In Visual SourceSafe Explorer, right-click a file.

  2. Drag the item over the receiving project and drop the item.

  3. In the resulting menu, click Share and Branch.

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