This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Reading and Receiving Messages

There are several ways you can read and receive messages from the queues in your system. First, you can either receive messages from the queue or you can peek at the messages on a queue without removing them. You can also create an event handler that watches for a new message to arrive and automatically raises an event when the message arrives at the queue. The following pages explain each of these methods of working with queue messages.

Introduction to Reading and Retrieving Messages

Provides an overview of formatters and their interaction with reading and receiving messages.

How to: Specify Properties to Retrieve with a Message

Gives directions for specifying the properties to retrieve when reading messages.

How to: Specify the Formatter for Retrieved Messages

Gives directions on how to specify the formatter you want to use to retrieve messages.

How to: Receive Messages Programmatically

Gives directions for writing code to read and receive messages.

How to: Peek at Messages

Gives directions for looking at messages without removing them from the queue.

Asynchronous Message Processing

Describes the process of retrieving messages asynchronously.

Transactional Message Processing

Explains how messages can be processed as part of a transaction.

Queue and Message Collections

Provides basic information on retrieving collections of queues and messages.

How to: Retrieve Messages

Provides instructions on retrieving lists of messages.

How to: Retrieve Queues

Provides instructions on retrieving lists of message queues.

Message Serialization

Provides an introduction to formatters and the process of serializing and deserializing messages.

Introduction to Messaging

Provides an introduction to messaging in Visual Studio and the .NET Framework.

Using Messaging Components

Lists the major pages about using messaging in your applications.

Message Queues and Messaging Technology Backgrounder

Provides background explanation of message queuing technology.