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This macro asserts that the object pointed to is an object of the specified class, or is an object of a class derived from the specified class.

ASSERT_KINDOF(classname, pobject )


The name of a CObject-derived class.
A pointer to a class object.


The pobject parameter should be a pointer to an object and can be const. The object pointed to and the class must support CObject run-time class information. As an example, to ensure that pDocument is a pointer to an object of the CMyDocument class, or any of its derivatives, you could code:

ASSERT_KINDOF(CMyDocument, pDocument)

Using the ASSERT_KINDOF macro is exactly the same as coding:


This function works only for classes declared with the DECLARE_DYNAMIC or DECLARE_SERIAL macro.

Note   This function is available only in the Debug version of MFC.

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