This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.



This option edits the image to indicate which subsystem the operating system must invoke for execution.

You can specify any of the following subsystems:

  • The CONSOLE subsystem handles a Win32 character-mode application that use a console supplied by the operating system.

  • Extensible Firmware Interface. The EFI_* subsystems. See the EFI specification for more information. For example, see the Intel web site.

  • The WINDOWS subsystem handles an application that does not require a console and creates its own windows, if required.

  • The NATIVE subsystem handles a Windows NT device driver.

  • The WINDOWSCE subsystem handles Windows CE consumer electronics applications.

  • The POSIX subsystem handles a POSIX application in Windows NT.

The optional left and right values specify the minimum required version of the specified subsystem:

  • The whole number part of the version number, the portion to the left of the decimal point, is represented by left.

  • The fractional part of the version number, the portion to the right of the decimal point, is represented by right.

  • The values of left and right must be from 0 through 65,535.

The default is version 4.00 for CONSOLE, WINDOWS, and NATIVE; and version 19.90 for POSIX.

The choice of subsystem affects the default starting address for the program. For more information, see the linker Entry-Point Symbol (/ENTRY:function) option.

See the /SUBSYSTEM linker option for more information.