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Property or statement is not supported

Visual Studio .NET 2003

In Visual Basic 6.0, the Calendar property was a stand-alone property that determined the calendar (Gregorian or Hijri) to be used for date-related functions. In Visual Basic .NET, this property is no longer supported; the Calendar class in the System.Globalization namespace that supports several additional calendar types replaces it.

In Visual Basic 6.0, the Load statement could be used to load a form without displaying it. A form could also be loaded without displaying it by referencing any of its properties.

The Load statement is no longer supported in Visual Basic .NET. When an instance of a form is created using the New keyword, it is loaded but not displayed until the Show method is called.

The following code shows the usage of the Load statement:

' Visual Basic 6.0
Load Form2
Form2.Caption = "Hello"
MsgBox Form2.Caption

' After upgrade to Visual Basic .NET
'UPGRADE_ISSUE: Load statement is not supported.
Form2.DefInstance.Text = "Hello"
MsgBox (Form2.DefInstance.Text)

What to do next

  • Remove the line of code that sets the Calendar property and add a reference to one of the following classes:
    ' If the Calendar property was 0 or vbCalGreg.
    Public Class GregorianCalendar
       Inherits Calendar
    ' If the Calendar property was 1 or vbCalHijri.
    Public Class Hijri Calendar
       Inherits Calendar
  • Remove the line of code that contains the Load statement.
  • If you need to load the form without showing it, use the New keyword, as in the following example:
    ' Modified code
    Dim Form2 As New Form2
    Form2.Text = "Hello"
    MsgBox (Form2.Text)

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