Windows Support Classes


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The following classes provide support for windows:

  • _U_MENUorID Provides wrappers for CreateWindow and CreateWindowEx.

  • CWindow Contains methods for manipulating a window. CWindow is the base class for CWindowImpl, CDialogImpl, and CContainedWindow.

  • CWindowImpl Implements a window based on a new window class. Also allows you to subclass or superclass the window.

  • CDialogImpl Implements a dialog box.

  • CAxDialogImpl Implements a dialog box (modal or modeless) that hosts ActiveX controls.

  • CSimpleDialog Implements a dialog box (modal or modeless) with basic functionality.

  • CAxWindow Manipulates a window that hosts an ActiveX control.

  • CAxWindow2T Provides methods for manipulating a window that hosts an ActiveX control and also has support for hosting licensed ActiveX controls.

  • CContainedWindowT Implements a window contained within another object.

  • CWndClassInfo Manages the information of a new window class.

  • CDynamicChain Supports dynamic chaining of message maps.

  • CMessageMap Allows an object to expose its message maps to other objects.

  • CWinTraits Provides a simple method of standardizing the traits of an ATL window object.

  • CWinTraitsOR Provides default values for window styles and extended styles used to create a window. These values are added, using the logical-OR operator, to values provided during the creation of a window.

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