This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

CPropertyPage Class

Represents individual pages of a property sheet, otherwise known as a tab dialog box.

class CPropertyPage : public CDialog

As with standard dialog boxes, you derive a class from CPropertyPage for each page in your property sheet. To use CPropertyPage-derived objects, first create a CPropertySheet object, and then create an object for each page that goes in the property sheet. Call CPropertySheet::AddPage for each page in the sheet, and then display the property sheet by calling CPropertySheet::DoModal for a modal property sheet, or CPropertySheet::Create for a modeless property sheet.

You can create a type of tab dialog box called a wizard, which consists of a property sheet with a sequence of property pages that guide the user through the steps of an operation, such as setting up a device or creating a newsletter. In a wizard-type tab dialog box, the property pages do not have tabs, and only one property page is visible at a time. Also, instead of having OK and Apply Now buttons, a wizard-type tab dialog box has a Back button, a Next or Finish button, and a Cancel button.

For more information on establishing a property sheet as a wizard, see CPropertySheet::SetWizardMode. For more information on using CPropertyPage objects, see the article Property Sheets and Property Pages.

Header: afxdlgs.h