OLE DB Templates Samples
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

OLE DB Templates Samples

The following topics are the abstracts for the ATL OLE DB Templates samples.

AdvancedPV Sample: Demonstrates Advanced Provider Techniques

Similar to UpdatePV Sample: Implements an Updatable OLE DB Provider, but it demonstrates some advanced techniques.

CatDB Sample: Data Source Schema Browser

Displays the schema information, such as tables and columns, of OLE DB providers.

DBViewer Sample: Database Browser

Demonstrates a mid-level application that relies on the CManualAccessor class to take full control of data bindings for your applications.

DynamicConsumer Sample: Uses Dynamic Accessor and Schema Rowset Classes to Read Metadata from a Database

Demonstrates using dynamic accessor and schema rowset classes to read metadata from a database.

MultiRead Sample: Reads Database Table Using Multiple Threads

Reads through a table in a database using multiple threads.

UpdatePV Sample: Implements an Updatable OLE DB Provider

Implements an updateable (read/write) OLE DB provider.

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