This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Call this member function to set the button's command ID, style, and image number.

void SetButtonInfo(
   int nIndex,
   UINT nID,
   UINT nStyle,
   int iImage 



Zero-based index of the button or separator for which information is to be set.


The value to which the button's command ID is set.


The new button style. The following button styles are supported:

  • TBBS_BUTTON   Standard pushbutton (default)

  • TBBS_SEPARATOR   Separator

  • TBBS_CHECKBOX   Auto check-box button

  • TBBS_GROUP   Marks the start of a group of buttons

  • TBBS_CHECKGROUP   Marks the start of a group of check-box buttons

  • TBBS_DROPDOWN   Creates a drop-down list button.

  • TBBS_AUTOSIZE   The button's width will be calculated based on the text of the button, not on the size of the image.

  • TBBS_NOPREFIX   The button text will not have an accelerator prefix associated with it.


New index for the button's image within the bitmap.

For separators, which have the style TBBS_SEPARATOR, this function sets the separator's width in pixels to the value stored in iImage.


You can also set button states using the nStyle parameter; however, because button states are controlled by the ON_UPDATE_COMMAND_UI handler, any state you set using SetButtonInfo will be lost during the next idle processing. See How to Update User-Interface Objects and TN031: Control Bars for more information.

For information on bitmap images and buttons, see the CToolBar Overview and CToolBar::LoadBitmap.