DataView.Find Method (Object)

Finds a row in the DataView by the specified sort key value.

Namespace: System.Data
Assembly: System.Data (in

public int Find (
	Object key
public int Find (
	Object key
public function Find (
	key : Object
) : int



The object to search for.

Return Value

The index of the row in the DataView that contains the sort key value specified; otherwise -1 if the sort key value does not exist.

The following example uses the Find method to return the index of the row that contains the value in the sort key column that you want.

Private Sub FindValueInDataView(table As DataTable)
    Dim view As DataView = New DataView(table)
    view.Sort = "CustomerID"

    ' Find the customer named "DUMON" in the primary key column
    Dim i As Integer = view.Find("DUMON")
End Sub

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