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Code Security in Components

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Code security is a topic of great importance and concern. Keeping your code secure from unauthorized or malicious use while simultaneously allowing authorized users to use your components should be of the highest priority to you the component developer. The following topics provide information on how to write safe and secure components while allowing authorized users to experience your components to the fullest.

In This Section

Adding Security Attributes to Components
Demonstrates how to add security attributes to your components.
Adding Imperative Security Checks to Components
Describes how to use imperative security checks to protect sensitive lines of code from unauthorized use.
Code Security and Signing in Components
Provides conceptual information on code security and decribes the .NET Framework approach to securing your components.

Related Sections

Component Authoring
Provides a high-level overview of component authoring.
Key Security Concepts
Discusses security in the .NET Framework.
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