Creating and Managing Visual C++ Projects

Creating and Managing Visual C++ Projects


You can create Visual C++ projects by choosing File | New | Project, ensuring that Visual C++ is selected in the left pane, and then choosing from the list of project templates in the middle pane. When you click on a template, in many cases a wizard will appear that enables you to set various project properties before the project is created. You can view and modify those properties later by using the project's property pages (Project | Properties).

You can also create new projects by:

  • choosing File | New | Project from Existing Code and following the prompts to add existing source code files. This option works best for relatively small and simple projects, perhaps 25 source codes files or less with few or no complex dependencies.

  • starting with a makefile and choose the Makefile Project template under the General tab.

  • creating an empty project (under the General tab) and manually adding source code files by right-clicking on the project node in solution explorer and choosing Add | Existing Item.

  • using the Win32 Application Wizard.

In This Section

Visual C++ Project Types

Describes the project types that are available in Visual C++ and how to create a C-language project.

File Types Created for Visual C++ Projects

Describes the kinds of files that are used with various project types.

Creating Desktop Projects By Using Application Wizards

How to use the wizards to create projects with Visual C++.

Working with Project Properties

Describes how to use Property Pages and Property Sheets to specify your project settings.

Adding Functionality with Code Wizards (C++)

Describes how to add classes, methods, variables, and other elements to your project to add functionality.

Designing a Wizard

Describes concepts on how to create your own wizard that generates code and a user interface for other users.

How to: Organize Project Output Files for Builds

Describes how to organize project output files.

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