This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Compiler Error CS0135

Visual Studio 2008

'declaration1' conflicts with the declaration 'declaration2'

The compiler does not allow hiding names, which commonly leads to logic errors in your code.

The following sample generates CS0135:

// CS0135.cs
public class MyClass2
   public static int i = 0;

   public static void Main()
         int i = 4;
      i = 0;   // CS0135

From the C# Language Specification, Section

For each occurrence of a given identifier as a simple-name in an expression or declarator, within the local variable declaration space (§3.3) immediately enclosing that occurrence, every other occurrence of the same identifier as a simple-name in an expression or declarator must refer to the same entity. This rule ensures that the meaning of a name is always the same within a given block, switch block, for-, foreach- or using-statement, or anonymous function.