Compiler Error C2385


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ambiguous access of 'member'

The member can derive from more than one object (it is inherited from more than one object). To resolve this error,

  • Make the member unambiguous by providing a cast.

  • Rename the ambiguous members in the base classes.

The following sample generates C2385.

// C2385.cpp  
// C2385 expected  
#include <stdio.h>  
struct A   
    void x(int i)   
        printf_s("\nIn A::x");  
struct B   
    void x(char c)   
        printf_s("\nIn B::x");  
// Delete the following line to resolve.  
struct C : A, B {}  
// Uncomment the following 4 lines to resolve.  
// struct C : A, B   
// {  
//     using B::x;  
//     using A::x;  
// };  
int main()   
    C aC;  
struct C : A, B   
    using B::x;  
    using A::x;