We recommend using Visual Studio 2017

How to: Delete a Trigger

You can delete triggers that are no longer necessary or cause unwanted actions on your database. For example, if you use Table Designer to design your tables, referential integrity is enforced using relationships instead of triggers. If a trigger duplicates a relationship in Table Designer, you may want to delete either the trigger or the relationship. For information about deleting relationships, see How to: Delete Relationships.


Your computer might show different names or locations for some of the Visual Studio user interface elements in the following instructions. The Visual Studio edition that you have and the settings that you use determine these elements. For more information, see Customizing Development Settings in Visual Studio.

To delete a trigger

  1. In Server Explorer, expand the Tables folder.

  2. Expand the table with the trigger you want to delete.

  3. Right-click the trigger that you want to delete and choose Delete on the shortcut menu.

  4. A message prompts you to confirm the deletion. Choose Yes.

    The trigger is deleted from the database and Server Explorer.