This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Share from <name> Dialog Box (Explorer and Plug-in)

Visual Studio 2005

Creates a new project that is identical to an old version of the selected project. For example, suppose you want to create a project that is identical to $/A/B as it existed last Monday at midnight. Your new project might be named $/A/C. C is identical to B, having the same subprojects and files, but the files in C represent old versions of the files in B.

There are two ways to create the new project. The files can be pinned to the old versions, but still shared with their counterparts in the originating project. Alternatively, they can be rolled back to the earlier versions and no longer shared with the originating project. To do the latter, you would select Branch after share from this dialog box.

Dialog Box Access

In Visual SourceSafe Explorer or a SourceSafe plug-in in Visual Studio, access the History of Project dialog box, then click Share.

Branch after share

Branches immediately after sharing the project. This operation rolls back the new project to the specified version.


Creates the new project.


Specifies the project that you want to share.

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