This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Displaying Information with JScript

Programs typically display information to a user. The most basic method is to display a text string. A JScript program may display information through different procedures depending on the use of the program. There are three common ways to use JScript: in an ASP.NET page, in a client-side Web page, and from the command line. Some methods for displaying from each environment are discussed here.

Displaying from a Command-Line Program

Explains how to use the JScript print statement or the .NET Framework Show method to display data from a command-line program.

Displaying from ASP.NET

Demonstrates how to use the <%= %> construct to display data from an ASP.NET program.

Displaying Information in the Browser

Explains how to use the write or writeln methods to display data directly in a browser.

Using Message Boxes

Describes how to use the alert, confirm, and prompt methods of the window object to create prompt message boxes, which typically solicit input from users.

JScript Reference

Lists elements that comprise the JScript Language Reference and provides an example of the correct syntax for each element.


Illustrates the syntax of the MessageBox.Show method and the options that return various results.