IDocHostUIHandlerDispatch Interface


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An interface to the Microsoft HTML parsing and rendering engine.

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This class and its members cannot be used in applications that execute in the Windows Runtime.

interface IDocHostUIHandlerDispatch : IDispatch

Public Methods

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The links in the following table are to the INet SDK reference topics for the members of the IDocUIHostHandler interface. IDocHostUIHandlerDispatch has the same functionality as IDocUIHostHandler, with the difference being that IDocHostUIHandlerDispatch is a dispinterface whereas IDocUIHostHandler is a custom interface.

EnableModelessCalled from MSHTML implementation of IOleInPlaceActiveObject::EnableModeless. Also called when MSHTML displays modal UI.
FilterDataObjectCalled on the host by MSHTML to allow the host to replace MSHTML's data object.
GetDropTargetCalled by MSHTML when it is being used as a drop target to allow the host to supply an alternative IDropTarget.
GetExternalCalled by MSHTML to obtain the host's IDispatch interface.
GetHostInfoRetrieves the UI capabilities of MSHTML host.
GetOptionKeyPathReturns the registry key under which MSHTML stores user preferences.
HideUICalled when MSHTML removes its menus and toolbars.
OnDocWindowActivateCalled from MSHTML implementation of IOleInPlaceActiveObject::OnDocWindowActivate.
OnFrameWindowActivateCalled from MSHTML implementation of IOleInPlaceActiveObject::OnFrameWindowActivate.
ResizeBorderCalled from MSHTML implementation of IOleInPlaceActiveObject::ResizeBorder.
ShowContextMenuCalled from MSHTML to display a context menu.
ShowUIAllows the host to replace MSHTML menus and toolbars.
TranslateAcceleratorCalled by MSHTML when IOleInPlaceActiveObject::TranslateAccelerator or IOleControlSite::TranslateAccelerator is called.
TranslateUrlCalled by MSHTML to allow the host an opportunity to modify the URL to be loaded.
UpdateUINotifies the host that the command state has changed.

A host can replace the menus, toolbars, and context menus used by the Microsoft HTML parsing and rendering engine (MSHTML) by implementing this interface.

The definition of this interface is available as IDL or C++, as shown below.

Definition typeFile
C++ATLIFace.h (also included in ATLBase.h)