This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Registers the property page class with the Windows registration database.

BOOL AFXAPI AfxOleRegisterPropertyPageClass( 
   HINSTANCE hInstance, 
   REFCLSID clsid, 
   UINT idTypeName, 
   int nRegFlags  


The instance handle of the module associated with the property page class.


The unique class ID of the property page.


The resource ID of the string that contains a user-readable name for the property page.


May contain the flag:

  • afxRegApartmentThreading   Sets the threading model in the registry to ThreadingModel = Apartment.

Note Note

In MFC versions prior to MFC 4.2, the int nRegFlags parameter was not available. Note also that the afxRegInsertable flag is not a valid option for property pages and will cause an ASSERT in MFC if it is set

Nonzero if the control class was registered; otherwise 0.

This allows the property page to be used by containers that are OLE-control aware. AfxOleRegisterPropertyPageClass updates the registry with the property page name and its location on the system and also sets the threading model that the control supports in the registry. For more information, see Technical Note 64, "Apartment-Model Threading in OLE Controls," and About Processes and Threads in the Windows SDK.

Header: afxctl.h