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XmlSchemaSet.Schemas Method (String)

Note: This method is new in the .NET Framework version 2.0.

Returns a collection of all the XML Schema definition language (XSD) schemas in the XmlSchemaSet that belong to the given namespace.

Namespace: System.Xml.Schema
Assembly: System.Xml (in system.xml.dll)

public ICollection Schemas (
	string targetNamespace
public ICollection Schemas (
	String targetNamespace
public function Schemas (
	targetNamespace : String
) : ICollection



The schema targetNamespace property.

Return Value

An ICollection object containing all the schemas that have been added to the XmlSchemaSet that belong to the given namespace. If no schemas have been added to the XmlSchemaSet, an empty ICollection object is returned.

If the targetNamespace parameter is a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) or Empty, then all schemas without a namespace are returned.

This method returns schemas that were added indirectly to the XmlSchemaSet because they were imported.


The Schemas method is the equivalent of the Item method of the obsolete XmlSchemaCollection.

The following example illustrates how to iterate over all the schemas in the http://www.contoso.com/books namespace in the XmlSchemaSet.

XmlSchemaSet schemaSet = new XmlSchemaSet();
schemaSet.Add("http://www.contoso.com/books", "http://www.contoso.com/books.xsd");

foreach (XmlSchema schema in schemaSet.Schemas("http://www.contoso.com/books"))

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Supported in: 2.0

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Supported in: 2.0

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