VBArray Object
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VBArray Object

Provides access to Visual Basic safe arrays.

varName = new VBArray(safeArray)


Required. The variable name to which the VBArray is assigned.
Required. A VBArray value.


The safeArray argument must have a VBArray value before being passed to the VBArray constructor. This can be acquired by retrieving the value from an existing ActiveX or other object.

Note   Arrays created in JScript .NET and arrays created in Visual Basic .NET both interoperate with .NET Framework arrays. Consequently, the elements of an array created in Visual Basic are directly accessible in JScript .NET. The VBArray object is only provided for backwards compatibility. For more information on arrays, see Array Object, Dim Statement, and Array Members.

A VBArray can have multiple dimensions. The indices of each dimension can be different. The dimensions method retrieves the number of dimensions in the array; the lbound and ubound methods retrieve the range of indices used by each dimension.


The VBArray object has no properties.


VBArray Object Methods


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