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Data Controls

Visual Studio .NET 2003

A data control lets you define a query with which to access data. You then connect data-bound controls to a data source.

Control Support files
Microsoft ADO Data Control (ADODC) Msadodc.oxc; help file is Adodc98.chm.
Microsoft RemoteData Control (MSRDC) Msrdc20.ocx; help file is RDO98.chm.

Using Data Controls with Data-Bound Controls

Visual C++ 6.0 and later provides a new set of data-bound controls based on ADO, which is a COM wrapper for OLE DB; it also provides a new data control (ADODC).

  • Visual C++ 6.0 and later does not allow you to use the version 6.0 ADO data-bound controls with the older remote data control (MSRDC). You must use RDO data-bound controls with the remote data control (MSRDC).
  • You also cannot use the older remote data-bound controls with the version 6.0 ADO data control (ADODC). You must use ADO data-bound controls with the ADO data control (ADODC).
  • The exception is for simple bound data controls, which may be used interchangeably with the MSRDC and ADODC. The simple bound controls include the MS Masked Edit control and the MS Rich Text control.

The topics ADO Data-Bound Controls, RDO Data-Bound Controls, and ADO and RDO Data-Bound Controls identify which data-bound controls are ADO based and which are RDO based.

For more information, see Data Access: ADO and RDO.

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