This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Designing an Inheritance Hierarchy

Inheritance hierarchies are easier to implement than to design, which makes it risky to start coding before clearly identifying your needs. Correcting design mistakes in a class hierarchy after implementation can require code changes that disable existing applications. This section discusses inheritance-hierarchy design considerations, giving you information that can help you avoid such mistakes.

Class Hierarchy Design Considerations for Extensibility

Discusses how to design class hierarchies so they can be updated or extended by other developers.

Considerations for Choosing Access Levels for Methods

Describes the correct use of accessibility levels within classes.

Base Class Design Changes After Deployment

Explains issues that developers face when attempting to make changes to a class hierarchy.

When to Use Interfaces

Discusses when to use interfaces instead of an inheritance hierarchy.

Interfaces in Visual Basic

Summarizes how to design and implement interfaces.