COM Modules Classes


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The following classes provide support for a COM module:

  • CAtlBaseModule This class is instantiated in every ATL project.

  • CAtlComModule This class implements a COM server module.

  • CAtlModule This class provides methods used by several ATL module classes.

  • CAtlModuleT This class implements an ATL module.

  • CAtlExeModuleT This class represents the module for an application.

  • CAtlServiceModuleT This class implements a service.

  • CAtlWinModule This class provides support for ATL windowing components.

  • CComModule This class implements a DLL or EXE module. Obsolete in ATL 7.0.

  • CComAutoThreadModule This class implements an EXE module, with support for multiple thread-pooled apartments. Obsolete in ATL 7.0.

ATL Module Classes

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