This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Source Control User Interface Reference 

This section describes the dialog boxes used by source control in Visual Studio. The following dialog boxes are templates that the plug-in developer can tailor as needed. You may or may not see these dialog boxes in Visual Studio, depending on the plug-in being used for source control:

  • Check In

  • Check Out for Edit

  • Get

  • Undo Checkout

In This Section

Change Source Control Dialog Box

Allows you to create and manage the connections and bindings that link a locally saved solution or project to a database folder.

Check In Dialog Box (Source Control)

Used to check a changed file, project, or solution in to a source control database.

Check Out For Edit Dialog Box (Source Control)

Used to check out solutions, projects, or individual items from source control.

Get Dialog Box (Source Control)

Used to retrieve a read-only copy of the selected item from the database to your working folder.

Pending Checkins Window

Used to display all the checked-out files in the current solution or project.

Plug-in Tabs for Source Control (Options Dialog Box)

Allow customization of source control roles and plug-in settings in Visual Studio.

Source Control Dialog Box

Allow you to remove selected items from source control and permanently disassociate the items from their present folders.

Undo Checkout Dialog Box (Source Control)

Used to reverse the checkout of the item currently selected in Solution Explorer.

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