This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

MFC ActiveX Controls: Adding Stock Methods

A stock method differs from a custom method in that it is already implemented by class COleControl. For example, COleControl contains a predefined member function that supports the Refresh method for your control. The dispatch map entry for this stock method is DISP_STOCKFUNC_REFRESH.

COleControl supports two stock methods: DoClick and Refresh. Refresh is invoked by the control's user to immediately update the control's appearance; DoClick is invoked to fire the control's Click event.

Method Dispatch map entry Comment
DoClick DISP_STOCKPROP_DOCLICK( ) Fires a Click event.
Refresh DISP_STOCKPROP_REFRESH( ) Immediately updates the control's appearance.

Adding a Stock Method Using the Add Method Wizard

Adding a stock method is simple using the Add Method Wizard. The following procedure demonstrates adding the Refresh method to a control created using the MFC ActiveX Control Wizard.

To add the stock Refresh method using the Add Method Wizard

  1. Load your control's project.
  2. In Class View, expand the library node of your control.
  3. Right-click the interface node for your control (the second node of the library node) to open the shortcut menu.
  4. From the shortcut menu, click Add and then click Add Method.

    This opens the Add Method Wizard.

  5. In the Method Name box, click Refresh.
  6. Click Finish.

Add Method Wizard Changes for Stock Methods

Because the stock Refresh method is supported by the control's base class, the Add Method Wizard does not change the control's class declaration in any way. It adds an entry for the method to the control's dispatch map and to its .IDL file. The following line is added to the control's dispatch map, located in its implementation (.CPP) file:


This makes the Refresh method available to the control's users.

The following line is added to the control's .IDL file:

[id(DISPID_REFRESH)] void Refresh(void);

This line assigns the Refresh method a specific ID number.

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