This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Putting Controls on Windows Forms 

There are a wide variety of controls that you can put on Windows Forms, depending on the needs of your application.

In This Section

How to: Add Controls to Windows Forms

Gives directions for attaching controls to your form.

How to: Add Controls Without a User Interface to Windows Forms

Gives directions for appending controls with no user interface to your application.

How to: Add to or Remove from a Collection of Controls at Run Time

Explains how to add and remove controls on a panel at run time.

Walkthrough: Automatically Populating the Toolbox with Custom Components

Demonstrates how you can make a custom component automatically appear in the Toolbox once the component is created.

How to: Add ActiveX Controls to Windows Forms

Gives directions for working with legacy ActiveX controls.

Considerations When Hosting an ActiveX Control on a Windows Form

Describes things to keep in mind when planning an application that uses ActiveX controls.

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Validation of Control Data on Windows Forms

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