COM Attributes


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The COM attributes inject code to support numerous areas of COM development and .NET Framework common language runtime development. These areas range from custom interface implementation and support of existing interfaces to supporting stock properties, methods, and events. In addition, support can be found for composite and ActiveX control implementation.

aggregatableIndicates that a control can be aggregated by another control.
aggregatesIndicates that a control aggregates the target class.
coclassCreates a COM object, which can implement a COM interface.
com_interface_entryAdds an interface entry to a COM map.
implements_categorySpecifies implemented component categories for the class.
progidDefines the ProgID for a control.
rdxCreates or modifies a registry key.
registration_scriptExecutes the specified registration script.
requires_categorySpecifies required component categories for the class.
support_error_infoSupports error reporting for the target object.
synchronizeSynchronizes access to a method.
threadingSpecifies the threading model for a COM object.
vi_progidDefines a version-independent ProgID for a control.

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