This method provides a mechanism for the server to authenticate and authorize client access to the client Web service.

The client SHOULD only call this method to renew its cookie, either because the cookie expired or because the server has thrown a SoapFault with one of the following ErrorCodes: InvalidCookie, ServerChanged, ConfigChanged, or CookieExpired. If this method is called in response to one of these errors, it MUST be called in the sequence specified for the error in section

Request Validation:


 Validation Conditions

 Error Code


MUST be a non-NULL ClientIdString.

InvalidParameters or InternalServerError<31>


MUST be a non-NULL string consistent with DNS naming requirements.

InvalidParameters or InternalServerError<32>

Data processing:

As a result of this request, the server SHOULD persist the provided client information and add the client to the requested target group, if supported. Alternatively, the client MAY disregard the provided client information (if the server does not need this information to implement the desired levels of reporting) and/or the provided target group (if the server does not support target groups or uses another method of assigning client computers to target groups).


If no faults occur during the operation, the server MUST return a GetAuthorizationCookieResponse message to the client.