How to: Reconcile File Differences
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How to: Reconcile File Differences

Visual Studio 2005

As described in Compare and Merge Mechanisms, you can use either visual merging or manual merging for combining two file versions. This topic describes how to reconcile file differences using visual merge methods.

To reconcile file differences using visual merge:

  1. Attempt a merge operation, as described in How to: Merge File Versions. Note that your merge operation must include the selection of visual merging for you to be able to see the visual merge window.

  2. In the visual merge window, compare the database version in the left pane (marked SourceSafe) with your local version in the right pane. The bottom pane shows the differences that Visual SourceSafe has already been able to resolve.

  3. In either pane, right-click to select a line and click Apply Change, Remove Change, or Apply Both Changes as needed.

  4. Repeat step 3 for all the changes to reconcile. The merged version appears under Merged version in the bottom pane.

  5. Click the Save button when you are satisfied with the merged version, and close the visual merge window. If there are any file differences that you could not reconcile, you must manually correct the files.

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