How to: Set Web Server Control Unit Properties
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How to: Set Web Server Control Unit Properties

Width, height, and similar properties for Web server controls are set in units. Units are implemented as objects (the Unit structure), which allows you to specify a value and the measurement unit in various ways.

To set unit-based properties

  • Assign a reference to the Unit structure to your control.

    The following code examples show variations on how to do this.

    ' Default is pixels.
    TextBox1.Width = New Unit(100)
    TextBox1.Width = New Unit(100, UnitType.Pixel)
    TextBox1.Width = New Unit("100px")
    ' Centimeters.
    TextBox1.Width = New Unit("2cm")
    TextBox1.Width = New Unit(10, UnitType.Percentage)
    TextBox1.Width = New Unit("10%")

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