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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Call this function to end a busy state.

virtual void EndBusyState( );

It works in conjunction with BeginBusyState to control the application's busy state. The function SetBusyReply determines the application's reply to calling applications when it is busy.

The BeginBusyState and EndBusyState calls increment and decrement, respectively, a counter that determines whether the application is busy. For example, two calls to BeginBusyState and one call to EndBusyState still result in a busy state. To cancel a busy state it is necessary to call EndBusyState the same number of times BeginBusyState has been called.

By default, the framework enters the busy state during idle processing, which is performed by CWinApp::OnIdle. While the application is handling ON_UPDATE_COMMAND_UI notifications, incoming calls are handled after idle processing is complete.

Header: afxole.h