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Worksheet Events

The Worksheet type exposes the following members.

Public event ActivateEvent Occurs when the worksheet is activated.
Public event BeforeDoubleClick Occurs when the worksheet is double-clicked, before the default double-click action.
Public event BeforeRightClick Occurs when the worksheet is right-clicked, before the default right-click action.
Public event BindingContextChanged Infrastructure.
Public event Calculate Occurs after the worksheet is recalculated.
Public event Change Occurs when something changes in the Worksheet cells.
Public event Deactivate Occurs when the worksheet loses focus.
Public event Disposed Represents the method that handles the Disposed event of a component. (Inherited from IComponent.)
Public event FollowHyperlink Occurs when you click any hyperlink on a worksheet.
Public event PivotTableAfterValueChange Occurs after a cell or range of cells inside a PivotTable are edited or recalculated (for cells that contain formulas).
Public event PivotTableBeforeAllocateChanges Occurs before changes are applied to a PivotTable.
Public event PivotTableBeforeCommitChanges Occurs before changes are committed against the OLAP data source for a PivotTable.
Public event PivotTableBeforeDiscardChanges Occurs before changes to a PivotTable are discarded.
Public event PivotTableChangeSync Occurs after changes to a PivotTable.
Public event PivotTableUpdate Occurs after a PivotTable report is updated on a worksheet.
Public event SelectionChange Occurs when the selection changes on a worksheet.
Public event Shutdown Occurs when the worksheet host item shuts down.
Public event Startup Occurs after the worksheet is running and all the initialization code in the assembly has been run.
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