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Visual Studio .NET 2003

In the following topics, you can find information about technical support, accessibility, copyright, and the Readme for Microsoft Visual FoxPro.

In This Section

Microsoft Visual FoxPro Technical Support
Find worldwide support options and phone numbers.
Accessibility for People with Disabilities
Microsoft is committed to making its products and services easier for everyone to use. Find information about features, products, and services that make Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows NT, and so on more accessible for people with disabilities.
Locate information about the Microsoft trademark and copyrighting.
Locating Readme Files
The Readme.htm file is stored at the root of the Microsoft Visual FoxPro CD-ROM. Use your Internet browser to open and view the files.

Related Sections

Getting Started with Visual FoxPro
Visual FoxPro is the object-oriented database management system that makes it possible for you to create state-of-the-art enterprise database solutions. Visual FoxPro includes professional productivity tools, documentation, and sample code for quickly building, managing, and deploying solutions.
What's New in Visual FoxPro
Listed here are the new features and enhancements made to this version of Visual FoxPro.
Installing Visual FoxPro
This section describes the requirements for installing this version of Visual FoxPro and then explains how to install, customize, and start it.
Setting Up an ODBC Data Source
To create remote views or use SQL pass-through, you must install an ODBC driver and set up an ODBC data source.
Upgrading from Earlier Versions
This version of Visual FoxPro protects your investment in applications built in previous versions of FoxPro.
Optimizing Your System
Visual FoxPro is designed to be the fastest relational database development system. Because of this variety, you might want to optimize the operating system, Visual FoxPro, or your application for maximum performance.
Microsoft Visual FoxPro Web Site
For additional information and resources for Visual FoxPro, visit the Visual FoxPro Web site. This Web site will be updated regularly with the latest information.