This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Function parameter is not supported in Visual Basic .NET

Visual Studio .NET 2003

Some function signatures are different in Visual Basic .NET than they were in Visual Basic 6.0, and some parameters are no longer supported.

In Visual Basic 6.0 the MsgBox and InputBox functions supported optional arguments to specify a Help topic that would be displayed when the user pressed F1. Because the mechanism for displaying Help topics has changed significantly in Visual Basic .NET, the HelpFile and Context arguments have been eliminated.

Note   Visual Basic .NET does not support calling Help from a message box or input box; you can duplicate this functionality by using a modal form instead and adding a Help button.

In Visual Basic 6.0, the AppActivate statements supported an optional Wait parameter that specified whether a specified application should be activated immediately, or wait until the calling application has focus. There is no equivalent functionality in Visual Basic .NET; the specified application is always activated immediately.

What to do next

  • If Help support is required, replace the message box or input box with a modal form.
  • Review your application's run-time behavior to make sure that removing the Wait parameter does not cause unexpected behavior. If necessary, modify your code so that AppActivate is only called when your application has focus.

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