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Code could not be parsed

Visual Studio .NET 2003

In some cases, code that was syntactically incorrect did not cause compilation errors in Visual Basic 6.0. For example, the following code would not cause a compilation error:

Private Sub Form_Click()
   ' Note misspelling of DoEvents.
End Sub

Visual Basic 6.0 performed incremental compilation; because the code in the Form_Click event would not be compiled until the event was triggered, the syntax error would only be encountered at run time.

In Visual Basic .NET, all code is compiled before the application is run, so syntax errors will always cause a compilation error.

What to do next

  • Modify the code to use the correct syntax.
    Note   If you run your application in Visual Basic 6.0 prior to upgrading using the Start With Full Compile option, you will get compilation errors for any syntax problems.

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