Maps a URL or HTML resource to a page in a multipage dialog.

URL_EVENT_ENTRY(className, url, mapName)


The name of the class containing the URL event entry map. This class should derive directly or indirectly from CMultiPageDHtmlDialog. The URL event entry map must be inside a DHTML and URL event map).


The URL or HTML resource for the page.


Specifies the page whose URL is url. This matches mapName in the BEGIN_EMBED_DHTML_EVENT_MAP macro that maps events from this page.

If the page is an HTML resource, url must be the string representation of the resource's ID number (that is, "123", not 123 or ID_HTMLRES1).

The page identifier, mapName, is an arbitrary symbol used to link embedded DHTML event maps to URL event entry maps. It is limited in scope to the DHTML and URL event map.

Header: afxdhtml.h

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