This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Exception Assistant Dialog Box

The Exception Assistant dialog box appears when a run-time exception is thrown. The Exception Assistant displays the type of exception, provides additional information and links to troubleshooting tips, provides a way to search for additional help online, and allows the user to perform certain actions, such as viewing details of the exception.

To see a topic dealing with troubleshooting the type of exception you have encountered, click one of the tip messages displayed in the Troubleshooting Tips pane.

To perform actions associated with the exception, click one of the actions displayed in the action pane.

For information about how to enable or disable the Exception Assistant, see General, Debugging, Options Dialog Box.

Type of Exception

Displays the type of exception thrown.

Additional Information

Displays additional information about the exception.

Troubleshooting Tips

Displays links to troubleshooting tips that may help you discover the source of the exception.


Lists actions that can be performed, such as seeing more information about the exception object.

Get Help Online

Allows you to search for additional help online.