We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Setting Bookmarks in Code

In the Bookmarks window and the Task List, the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE) provides a pair of useful and flexible tools for marking lines of code and navigating to them.

Bookmark Window

Describes fields and controls available in the Bookmarks window.

How to: Bookmark Code

Using the Bookmarks window to mark and navigate to lines of code.

How to: Navigate Code and Text

Describes how to use the navigation bar, bookmarks, comment tasks, and other features to navigate in the editor.

Task List (Visual Studio)

Describes fields and controls available in the Task List.

Finding and Replacing

Tools and procedures for locating and editing particular locations in windows, documents, and code.

How to: Go To a Line of Code

Lists various ways available in the IDE to move through documents to find lines of code.

Customizing the Editor

Options and settings that adjust the appearance and position of text and code.

How to: Debug Code in the Editor

Procedures for tracking and locating errors in code.

Code and Text Editor

Reference topics on the Code Editor, the Bookmarks and Code Definition windows, and the Code Snippet Inserter and Code Snippets Manager.

Coding Aids

Describes IntelliSense, the Toolbox, Class View, and the Object Browser.

Supplying XML Code Comments

Provides examples of code comments in various development languages.