Compiler Error C3703


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event handler': an event handler method must have the same storage class as the source 'event'

An event has a different storage class than the event handler to which it is hooked. For example, this error occurs if the event handler is a static member function and the event is not static. To fix this error, give the event and the event handler the same storage class.

The following sample generates C3703:

// C3703.cpp  
// C3703 expected  
#include <stdio.h>  
class CEventSrc {  
   __event static void MyEvent();  
class CEventHandler {  
   // delete the following line to resolve  
   void MyHandler() {}  
   // try the following line instead  
   // static void MyHandler() {}  
   void HookIt(CEventSrc* pSource) {  
      __hook(CEventSrc::MyEvent, pSource, &CEventHandler::MyHandler);  
   void UnhookIt(CEventSrc* pSource) {  
      __unhook(CEventSrc::MyEvent, pSource, &CEventHandler::MyHandler);  
int main() {  
   CEventSrc src;  
   CEventHandler hnd;  
   __raise src.MyEvent();