This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Upgrade Wizard

Visual Studio 2008

Use the Upgrade Wizard to upgrade Visual Basic 6.0 projects to Visual Basic 2005. The wizard creates a new project, copies each file from the original project into the new project and modifies it as necessary, and generates a report detailing what was done and what you need to do to finish the upgrade.

To access the Upgrade Wizard, open any Visual Basic 6.0 project file (.vbp) in Visual Basic 2005.

The following options are available in the Upgrade Wizard.

What type of project would you like this to be upgraded to?

If the Visual Basic 6.0 project is an ActiveX EXE or ActiveX Document EXE project, you can upgrade it to either an .exe or a .dll file. For all other project types, the correct option is already selected and cannot be changed.

Where do you want your new project created?

Specifies the location of the new project. By default, the project is placed in a directory directly beneath the Visual Basic 6.0 project. The new project is named ProjectName.NET, where ProjectName is the name of the project being upgraded.