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CStringRefElementTraits Class
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CStringRefElementTraits Class

This class provides static functions related to strings stored in collection class objects. The string objects are dealt with as references.

   typename T 
class CStringRefElementTraits : public CElementTraitsBase< T >


The type of data to be stored in the collection.




Call this static function to compare two string elements for equality.


Call this static function to compare two string elements.


Call this static function to calculate a hash value for the given string element.

This class provides static functions for comparing strings and for creating a hash value. These functions are useful when using a collection class to store string-based data. Unlike CStringElementTraits and CStringElementTraitsI, CStringRefElementTraits causes the CString arguments to be passed as const CString& references.

For more information, see ATL Collection Classes.

Header: atlcoll.h

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