ATL Macros
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ATL Macros

To find an ATL macro by category, see the following topics.

Aggregation and Class Factory Macros
Provide ways of controlling aggregation and of declaring class factories.
Category Macros
Define category maps.
COM Map Macros
Define COM interface maps.
Compiler Options Macros
Control specific compiler features.
Composite Control Macros
Define event sink maps and entries.
Connection Point Macros
Define connection point maps and entries.
Debugging and Error Reporting Macros
Provide useful debugging and trace facilities.
Exception Handling Macros
Provide support for exception handling.
Message Map Macros
Define message maps and entries.
Object Map Macros
Define object maps and entries.
Object Status Macros
Sets flags belonging to ActiveX controls.
Property Map Macros
Define property maps and entries.
Registry Data Exchange Macros
Perform Registry Data Exchange operations.
Registry Macros
Define useful type library and registry facilities.
Service Map Macros
Define service maps and entries.
Snap-In Object Macros
Provide support for snap-in extensions.
String Conversion Macros
Provide string conversion features.
Window Class Macros
Define window class utilities.
Windows Messages Macros
Forward window messages.

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