This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


This member function is called by this window's parent window when it receives a notification message that applies to this window.

virtual BOOL OnChildNotify( 
   UINT message, 
   WPARAM wParam, 
   LPARAM lParam, 
   LRESULT* pResult  


A Windows message number sent to a parent window.


The wparam associated with the message.


The lparam associated with the message.


A pointer to a value to be returned from the parent's window procedure. This pointer will be NULL if no return value is expected.

Nonzero if this window is responsible for handling the message sent to its parent; otherwise 0.

Never call this member function directly.

The default implementation of this member function returns 0, which means that the parent should handle the message.

Override this member function to extend the manner in which a control responds to notification messages.

Header: afxwin.h