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Creates a console application.



The /target:exe option causes the compiler to create an executable (EXE), console application. The /target:exe option is in effect by default. The executable file will be created with the .exe extension.

Unless otherwise specified with the /out option, the output file name takes the name of the first source code file in the compilation for the each output file.

Use /target:winexe to create a Windows program executable.

When specified at the command line, all files up to the next /out or /target:library option are used to create the .exe. The /target:exe option is in effect for all files since the previous /out or /target:library option.

/t is the short form of /target.


Each of the following command lines will compile in.js, creating in.exe:

jsc /target:exe in.js
jsc in.js

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