This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: Check Hyperlinks

Visual Studio 2005

Visual SourceSafe uses the Check Hyperlinks command on the Web menu to allow you to check hyperlinks in HTML files for a Web project. The files can be either in a Visual SourceSafe project in the database or in your working folder. You must have the Add/Rename/Delete project right to use this command.

The Check Hyperlinks command checks only links referred to with <A HREF>, <IMG SRC>, <INPUT SRC>, and <BODY BACKGROUND> HTML tags. It checks links in files in your Web project, and optionally checks external hyperlinks to sites on the Web that are not in your project tree. The command does not check links to other Web addresses created using code generated by a program such as VBScript or Java.

To check Web project hyperlinks:

  1. Open Visual SourceSafe Explorer, and select a select a Web project in your database.

  2. On the Web menu, click Check Hyperlinks.

  3. In the Check Hyperlinks dialog box, specify the files to check using the Check which files? box.

  4. Now click OK to check the links. When the Check Hyperlinks command is complete, the Check Hyperlinks Results dialog box is displayed so that you can study the link results.

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